Frannie – Meet the most loveable dog around town! Frannie is great, and fun loving. Feel free to contact us for more information.  


Patter Pets, inc.  Adopt - Foster - Volunteer - Donate

Our shelter is home to more than meets the eye.  Patter Pets provides a safe haven to dogs and cats in a home like environment.  The pets listen to music, have roomy in door and out door areas to play in and some of the most loving and dedicated volunteers looking after their needs.


We started our shelter in 2006 and we've been able to successfully keep our doors open with your help. Together we have made a difference in their lives.  It's taken a lot of love, hard work and dedication, but the animals make every day a joy for us! 


Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help with even the smallest of donations. 

Wish List

New or used.  Our shelter and the animals in our care can use your donations.

Lovey– I could never say enough about Lovey. She is awesome. Playful, sweet, loving and happy. She's a great pet for all types of homes and she plays well with others! 

Animal Shelter

Patter Pets

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization making a difference with your help.


​Milly– If you love long walks by the beach at sunset, then Milly's your kind of dog. Your companion and friend, Milly is full of energy, she has a huge heart and it's filled with love for you!